Joan Rivers - Next to Last Joan Rivers Album


Format: CD
Label: SDP
Rel. Date: 04/18/2015
UPC: 609461012029

Next to Last Joan Rivers Album
Artist: Joan Rivers
Format: CD


1. Diamond Ring 3:47
2. 27 and Single 2:35
3. Football and the Baton Twirler 1:34
4. Cooking? 1:41
5. Nurses 4:07
6. Catch Me! Catch Me! 3:44
7. Pregnant and Beautiful 2:12
8. Stewardesses 4:12
9. Glorious Marriage 2:51 1
10. Tim, It's Alright 1:06 1
11. 1000 Cups 2:43 1
12. Omaha, Nebraska 3:45

More Info:

More than 45 years after it was recorded, the voice is strong and clear. It is young, but unmistakable: Joan Rivers. That voice--and the truths it speaks--are timeless. And the truth is always a little shocking. On our re-release of the 1968 recording "The Second to Last Joan Rivers Album"--the first time it's ever been available on CD--Rivers proves that, before there were arguments over whether women were funny, women's lives were funny. Released on LP years ago, not available anywhere else.

CD includes an exclusive eight-page booklet featuring liner notes by comedy historian and WFMU blogger Kliph Nesteroff, an essay by Sarah Silverman and period photos by John Shearer (Look Magazine).