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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 11/13/2020
UPC: 614511864220

Happy Heart!
Artist: Caspar Babypants
Format: CD


1. Five White Ducks
2. Daydreamin' All Day Long
3. Come Down Here Monkey
4. Knee High Thing
5. Animals Talk
6. Happy Heat
7. I Don't Remember This Song
8. Turn Your Frown Around
9. Show And Tell
10. This Little Light Of Mine
11. Rockin' Robin
12. Live LIke A Baby
13. Mosquito
14. Cutest Little Baby
15. Chimp In A Suit
16. Wanna Stop Time
17. Break Of Dawn
18. Another Day
19. When Sleep Comes
20. Light The Stars

More Info:

Sweet, tender, happy, sing along good time songs for the whole family is what the 18th Caspar Babypants album HAPPY HEART! Is all about. Caspar Babypants is also known as Chris Ballew, the three times Grammy nominated songwriter and lead singer for the Seattle rock and roll band The Presidents of the United States of America (Lump, Peaches and Kitty). Caspar Babypants makes high quality simple music with integrity that is rooted in American, European and African folk traditions mixed with classic pop and rock and roll themes and a light sense of humor and imaginative fun. Some of the themes on this new album include counting five ducks, talking to monkeys, living like babies, mysterious chimps, freeing time while baby is small and sweet lullabies to fall deeply asleep to.