Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 09/09/2022
UPC: 616576256255

An Introduction (Uk)
Artist: Troels Hammer
Format: Vinyl


1. A1 Diario De Silencio
2. A2 Cold Hawaii
3. A3 Fly Salmon Fly
4. A4 Bogota
5. A5 Infinita (feat. Clara Valente)
6. A6 View of Wisdom
7. B1 Azur
8. B2 Unika 4 (feat. Rodrigo Sha)
9. B3 Theme from Ngong Hills
10. B4 Run King - Piano Forte
11. B5 Father Sky
12. B6 Letters From Uhuru (feat. Rodrigo Sha)

More Info:

Intermediation has been the center of Troels Hammer's entire professional life and also musically he is driven to set the tone for stories and touch elements recognizable to the audience. He can be experienced on stage alone, plays brilliantly with others, and gladly shares stories about the music as a part of his performance.