Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/18/2021
UPC: 617026038421

North Star [Digipak]
Artist: Erik Wollo
Format: CD


1. Arkipel
2. Viewpoint
3. All the Way
4. Stillness
5. Towards the Blue Horizon
6. Nightscape
7. Light Among Shadows
8. North Star

More Info:

Renowned Norwegian ambient / electronic artist Erik Wollo presents «NORTH STAR». The album evolved from layers of sustained guitars inspiring infinite space and a minimal essence, creating a spell of slow, melodic calming space. As a musical metaphor, the North Star represents limitless possibilities and infinite wonder with sparks of imagination from which dreams are formed. The sustained Ebow guitars aim the music in a totally new expansive direction with melodic elements, rhythmic arpeggio loops and some percussion added to the treated guitar ensembles. The mood sets the emotional direction: vast and spacious, minimalistic and sparse in character. «NORTH STAR» is an inward journey of stillness and reflection. Music that shifts between contemplation and intimacy, impulse and reflection.