Format: CD
Label: Projekt Records
Rel. Date: 07/30/2021
UPC: 617026038520

The Disciple's Meditation
Artist: Mark Seelig
Format: CD


1. Mountain Meditation
2. Rain Meditation
3. Whirling Meditation
4. Prana Meditation
5. Sunset Meditation (In the West)

More Info:

Alluring and suggestive, serene and stimulating, intimate and devout, The Disciple's Meditation is beautiful healing music born from Mark's reverent playing of the divine instrument - the Bansuri flute. With melodic variations on traditional Indian ragas and entrancing percussive grooves, the five sensuous tracks elevate the body, mind and spirit. Evocative whispers fill the ears, sweet sound floats through the air to be breathed in as much as heard. The music's calming nature is a balm from an eternal source. Breathe deeper and each breath brings a greater sense of awareness. Surrender to the sound, as the tabla beats move you. The mantra fills the body, breathing is deep and circular, time becomes elastic; become one with the sound... Sixty-seven minutes of music for deep meditation, yoga practice, spiritual and heart-centered disciplines. Mark Seelig's music is part of his Gesamtkunstwerk ('total art work'): A life devoted to learning humanity's sacred customs and rituals of all races and times in the pursuit of raising consciousness. To this end, Mark works in academia, transpersonal psychotherapy, neo-shamanic ceremonial work, and music. The Disciple's Meditation is recorded with the intention of supporting people in processes of transformation; it's specifically crafted to help facilitate settings of ceremonial work, breathwork and meditation. With over 19 albums in collaboration with Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf, Loren Nerell, and Andres Condon, Mark has developed a wide body of diverse recorded work.