Format: CD
Label: 37D03D
Rel. Date: 08/19/2022
UPC: 617308024395

Artist: Joe Rainey
Format: CD


1. Jammer from the Slammer
2. B.E. Son
3. Easy on the Cide
4. Bezhigo
5. No Chants
6. Can Key
7. Jr. Flip
8. Turned Engine
9. CH. 1222
10. Phil's Offering

More Info:

Joe Rainey is a Pow Wow singer. On Niineta he demonstrates his command of the style - faithful to tradition - accompanied by cinematic, bass-heavy production from Andrew Broder. Rainey's voice can celebrate or console, welcome or intimidate, and each note conveys a clear message: We're still here. We were here before you, and we never left.