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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 12/04/2020
UPC: 630428011311

Anthology - 45 Years [180 Gram] (Post)
Artist: Prism
Format: Vinyl


1. See Forever Eyes
2. American Music
3. Don't Let Him Know
4. Take Me to the Kaptin
5. Spaceship Superstar
6. Armageddon
7. Party Line
8. Young and Restless
9. Good to Be Back
10. Dirty Mind
11. Cover Girl
12. Satellite
13. Virginia
14. Flyin'
15. Night to Remember
16. Turn on Your Radar
17. You Walked Away Again
18. Mirror Man
19. Japanese Girl
20. Is He Better Than Me?

More Info:

This compilation includes the band's best-known hit, 1981's "Don't Let Him Know" (co-written by Bryan Adams), and showcases the rest of their modest collection, which is mostly spirited attempts at a bland genre of music: watered-down synth rock. Call them art-rock lite, or hard adult contemporary. A hybrid of Sweet, Styx and the Little River Band, Prism goes for space-oddity flavor with lines like "On Mercury they're crazy about my stellar rock and roll, and I always seem to sell out at the Martian astrobowl" (from "Spaceship Superstar") and "The planet dies and no one cries" (from "Take Me to the Kaptin"). And oddest of them all, "Armageddon's" drum intro sounds quite similar to Metallica's intro to "Am I Evil?" (recorded several years later). - Gina Boldman [All Music Guide]