Format: CD
Label: Renaissance Records (USA)
Catalog: 240
Rel. Date: 07/16/2021
UPC: 630428024021

Ghosts: The Best of Bill Mumy
Artist: Bill Mumy
Format: CD


1. Always Open
2. She'll Never Know
3. Climb, The
4. You Were There
5. Yes, You in the Blue 2
6. Woe, The Lover's Tune
7. Nero's Fiddle
8. Take It Back
9. Dog That Caught the Car, The
10. Can't Win This Game
11. Pandora's Box
12. Taken by the Light
13. Done Me Little Good
14. Dave Guard's Up
15. It's Not the Same
16. Recalcotrant Princess, The
17. Dying to Be Heard
18. I Don't Know You
19. Just a Drop of Rain in the Ocean
20. Great Domain, The

More Info:

2015 Live reunion concert album for New England, featuring original members John Fannon, Gary Shea, Jimmy Waldo and Hirsh Gardner. Includes an unreleased bonus studio track.