Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 08/08/2023
UPC: 631595232165

Viper Gts: Voluptuous Edition / (Dol Dub Exco Sub)
Artist: Viper Gts: Voluptuous Edition
Format: DVD

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Absolutely not for children!Carrera is one of three female demons on a mission to grant wishes to humans in exchange for their eternal souls. Along with her demon partners and rivals, Mercedes and Rati, Carrera carries out her job in servitude to the demon nether world. When she is summoned by the nerdy Ogawa, she is instantly attracted to him and distracted from her mission. In direct competition, Mercedes tries to seduce Ogawa for his soul. However, the angels are angered by this turn of events and set out to 'purify' the demons to save Ogawa's innocent soul from damnation! For ages 18 and over. Graphic Mature Content. (3 episodes/ 90 mins.)