Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 09/23/2022
UPC: 634164664015

Bleed-Abide - Opaque Orchid - Opaque Bone [Colored Vinyl]
Artist: Bodysnatcher
Format: Vinyl


1. Bleed
2. Abide
3. Absolved of the Strings and Stone
4. Smashed Perception
5. Flatline
6. Glass Prison
7. Value Through Suffering
8. Chaos
9. E.D.A
10. Wired for Destruction
11. Hollow Shell
12. Behind the Crowd
13. The Question

More Info:

Bodysnatcher are an American Deathcore band from Melbourne, Florida. Bleed-Abide is the fourth full-length album, following a string of successful singles released in 2020 and early 2021. Bodysnatcher play a down tempo, extremely brutal beatdown version of Deathcore. Their previous album, This Heavy Void, saw the band catapult into the extreme metal scene, garnering a number of successful tour runs with Chelsea Grin, Lorna Shore, Enterprise Earth, and Slaughter To Prevail. The new record showcases the band completely dialed in, knocking on the doors of Deathcore's contemporary subgenre leaders. Upcoming tours in 2022 feature: -Europe with Chelsea Grin // Carnifex -US with Chelsea Grin // Dying Fetus-US + AUS with Justice For The Damned-Europe with Kublai Khan