Lord Dying - Clandestine Transcendence [Indie Exclusive] Gold [Colored Vinyl] (Gol)


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 01/19/2024
UPC: 634164695019

Clandestine Transcendence [Indie Exclusive] Gold [Colored Vinyl] (Gol)
Artist: Lord Dying
Format: Vinyl


1. The Universe Is Weeping
2. I Am Nothing I Am Everything
3. Unto Becoming
4. Final Push Into the Sun
5. Dancing on the Emptiness
6. Facing the Incomprehensible
7. A Brief Return to Physical Form
8. A Bond Broken By Death
9. Break in the Clouds (In the Darkness of Our Minds)
10. Soul Metamorphosis
11. Swimming in the Absence
12. The Endless Road Home

More Info:

Gold Vinyl. Portland progressive sludge masters Lord Dying transform tragedy into triumph. A pair of albums powered by skull-crushing riffs and confrontational howls introduced the doom dogs to the world. In 2019, they delivered Mysterium Tremendum, a record Kerrang! Declared a "prog-metal masterpiece."The heady and adventurous existential meditation on death kicked off a trilogy. That story continues in 2023 with an increasingly ambitious follow-up, the aptly named Clandestine Transcendence."Ultimately, the album is about self-discovery and becoming what you want to become in the face of adversity, no matter how the cards are stacked against you," Olson says. "I'm not really a spiritual person. But a lyric on the album talks about the transformation of energy, how matter cannot be created or destroyed. It's from a scientific standpoint." He laughs. "But maybe the science is spiritual."