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Ambertron [2LP]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 03/20/2020
UPC: 634457006270

Ambertron [2LP]
Artist: Mint Mile
Format: Vinyl


1. Tobacco Coffee Wintergreen
2. Likelihood
3. Fallen Rock
4. Sang
5. Shy
6. Christmas Comes and Goes
7. Riding On and Off Peak
8. River of Cars
9. Giving Love
10. Apocalypse Peaks
11. The Great Combine
12. Amberline


2LP [w/ download card]

More Info:

Ambertron is the fourth record and first full-length album by Mint Mile, a musical concern from Chicago, Illinois. The group is helmed by Tim Midyett, who spent eighteen years in the acclaimed Silkworm and eight more in the critically lauded Bottomless Pit. After three 4-song EPs, Mint Mile returns with over an hour of music over this epic double LP. From stripped-down twisters to languid drifters to opulent jams alternately joyous, gripped, and desolate, Ambertron explores the space between the personal and global, the emotional and political, and the places (sometimes dark) where memory and reality meet and sometimes disagree with each other. Baritone guitar, pedal steel, rock solid rhythms predominate, with keyboards, strings, horns, and atmosphere woven into the mix as expert spices.

Featuring members of: Silkworm/Bottomless Pit, Songs: Ohia, Palliard, Tre Orsi, Bitter Tears, Ensemble Dal Niente, Poi Dog Pondering, Helen Money, SUNN O))), Swell Season/Glen Hansard, Rock*A*Teens