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Format: CD
Label: DGIO
Rel. Date: 10/09/2020
UPC: 634457027671

Offering: Live At Le Guess Who
Artist: Nicole Mithcell / Moor Mother
Format: CD


1. Up Out Of The Ugly
2. Vultures Laughing
3. Prototype Eve

More Info:

Recorded live at Le Guess Who on November 10, 2018. Shimmering columns of light will guide you, a grand synesthesia riding on a kaleidoscope, oscillating between hushed moments, where sound unfolds the firmament, unfurled like a cloak upon the shoulders of the real world. Listen: this is not a 'track', a circular appendage looped around a spindle and activated by some muscular stone on stylus. Too many people bled for the diamond there, too many questions remain trapped in the groove. What to do then, besides move the listener beyond the traps of expected sonics and into a menagerie, away from the strange hook of the promise of shelf-space or the obsessive atonal drone of, in fact, obsession?