Format: CD
Rel. Date: 04/07/2023
UPC: 635212074923

Da Vinci Requiem Seventy Degrees Below Zero
Artist: Mcdowall / Royal / Williams
Format: CD

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?Cecilia McDowall writes: "Da Vinci Requiem brings together my chosen Latin texts from the Missa pro Defunctis with extracts from The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, and is structured in seven movements in the shape of an arch... It has been a fascinating exploration, aligning Leonardo's extraordinary insights, both artistic and philosophical, with such a profound and ancient text. Seventy degrees below zero is a three-movement work for chamber orchestra and tenor soloist. [Inspired by work carried out by the Scott Polar Research Institute], the phrase for the title was taken from Scott's Letter to his wife: 'Dear, it is not easy to write because of the cold - 70 degrees below zero'. The scientific exploration and data collected by Captain Scott's team at the beginning of the 20th century still powerfully underlies the research which continues to this day. It was with a desire to join the past with the present that I asked the poet, Seán Street, to write two poems to accompany Scott's words: words from 'then' and words from 'now'." Wimbledon Choral has been described as "one of the most substantial and formidable choirs in London... a vigorous and sophisticated choral ensemble". The choir is over 100 years old, re-founded in the early stages of the First World War, but it's earliest recorded roots go back to 1870. Today we are a modern, dynamic group of singers, always ready to stretch ourselves and try new things, making sure we keep up our reputation as one of the finest amateur symphonic choirs in south-east England.