Format: Cassette
Rel. Date: 11/17/2023
UPC: 636339647410

Echoes Of Yesterday
Artist: Goodge
Format: Cassette


1. Bloomin
2. Heart of the City
3. Last Place
4. Living Proof
5. Mariachi's Back
6. Milan
7. Voyage
8. Upon Da Corner
9. Follow the Groove
10. Nothing But the Truth
11. Piece of Mind
12. When Tomorrow Comes

More Info:

Cold Busted is pleased to welcome Goodge to the label's roster of esteemed beat-makers with his soul-stirring 12-track album, Echoes of Yesterday. Hailing from England's High Wycombe, Goodge has been dedicated to hip hop practically his entire life, later incorporating the sounds of funk, R&B, jazz, and chilled lo-fi to his internal repertoire. After assorted releases on France's Cascade Records, Hip Dozer, Kicker Records, and Italy's Sound Exhibitions, Goodge slides on over to Cold Busted to unleash a nostalgic trip inspired by memories of classic tracks and vibes. Goodge's jazz-funk dreamscape is sonically interpreted through the grooves in tracks like "Heart of the City." Here, cool electric piano keys, a snazzy saxophone, and scratchy guitar are buoyed by an uptempo drum track that transmits a cool inner city feel. "Follow the Groove" shifts the tempo to the down-low, as spring-reverb beats, wah-wah guitar squeals, crafty key riffs, and get-hip-to-it horns lay into a serious jam session. There are also introspective moments, such as "Living Proof" with it's shimmering intro and pensive acoustic guitar. Hand percussion accompanies the crucial rhythm track, building evocatively as horns, ringing keys, and spaced-out flourishes complete the scene. Echoes of Yesterday is a deep and poignant release, showcasing Goodge's distinctive take on music's past influences as well as an undeniable respect for them. These echoes go on and on