Format: CD
Label: NAXOS
Rel. Date: 05/12/2023
UPC: 636943993026

Complete Solo Piano Music
Artist: Corigliano / Fisher / Albany Symphony
Format: CD


1. *** Piano Concerto
2. I. Molto Allegro
3. II. Scherzo
4. III. Appassionato -
5. IV. Allegro
6. Fantasia on an Ostinato
7. Prelude For Paul
8. Etude Fantasy
9. No.
10. For the Left Hand Alone -
11. No.
12. Legato -
13. No.
14. Fifths to Thirds -
15. No.
16. Ornaments -
17. No.
18. Melody
19. Winging It
20. I. September 28, 2007
21. II. January 3, 2008
22. III. June 7, 2008

More Info:

John Corigliano's music has been commissioned, performed, and recorded by some of the most prominent orchestras, soloists, and chamber musicians in the world. He is the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize, five GRAMMY Awards, the Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition, and an Oscar. The Piano Concerto ranges in expression between lyricism and atonality and is extremely virtuosic and theatrical, while the competition piece Fantasia on an Ostinato investigates the performer's imagination and musicality through minimalist techniques. The devilish discipline of √Čtude Fantasy contrasts with the improvisatory origins of Winging It, while Prelude for Paul echoes the soul of Rachmaninoff.