Final Axe - Beyond Hell's Gate (Bonus Tracks) [Limited Edition]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 01/19/2024
UPC: 637405141030

Beyond Hell's Gate (Bonus Tracks) [Limited Edition]
Artist: Final Axe
Format: Vinyl


1. Beyond the Gate
2. Baptized in Blood
3. Are You Ready?
4. No Time to Die
5. Soldier of Compromise
6. Blind Faith
7. Area 51
8. Close to Deliverance
9. Thrown in the Fire
10. Don't Run Away
11. War Cry
12. Rated X
13. Eternity

More Info:

Beyond Hell's Gate specializes in profound hooks, speedy riffing, shredding guitars and a full on heavy metal assault. This heavy metal classic was originally recorded in 1989 but never released until 2005. It was then reissued as a 2010 Collector's Edition on Retroactive Records and featured new artwork, while the music was remixed, remastered, and partially re-recorded. Retroactive Records and fans of the band are eternally grateful to the amazing Robert Sweet (Stryper) for providing real drums on this 2010/2023 version (the original features only a drum machine). We asked him to - really let lose - and to - "drum like you always wanted to" - with no restrictions - and that's exactly what he did! The result is a world-class heavy metal release with drums by a bonafide superstar! In addition, there are three tracks included on the Collectors Edition that did not appear on the 2005 release - an Intro track, an Outro track (both instrumental) but the real gem is the ROBERT SWEET Drum Solo entitled Area 51! This is the very first Robert Sweet drum solo (studio recorded) released since the legendary ROXX REGIME demo! Mastered for Vinyl 2023 by Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound and featuring three instrumental bonus tracks, this is the definitive release of this revered classic. Black Vinyl also includes a 12x12 lyrics insert and fans are also treated to an historic write up about the band and album by White Throne's Keven Crothers! Don't expect candy-coated glam metal here. Final Axe specializes in big, neck bulging, fist extending, righteous riffs. Limited to just 150 vinyl copies world-wide! For fans of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Armored Saint, and early Bloodgood! Enjoy!