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Format: Vinyl
Label: AVGE
Rel. Date: 04/23/2021
UPC: 641126300980

Artist: Olhava
Format: Vinyl


1. Ageless River I 05:42
2. Smoldering Woodland 09:17
3. Ageless River II 01:00
4. Trembling Night 17:46
5. Ageless River III 03:50
6. The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter 14:33
7. Ageless River IV 04:00
8. Ladoga 12:00
9. Ageless River V 03:02

More Info:

Andrey Novozhilov is the artistic force behind this band. He isn't a newcomer to the scene but has been around a few years earlier as a part of the Post-Black Metal unit, Trna. Even though Olhava is 4 years old, the project has been quite busy in 2020, dropping two full-length albums this year alone. The newest of the two albums released this year is titled, "Ladoga."