Old Gods of Asgard - Rebirth: Greatest Hits


Format: Vinyl
Label: Insomniac
Rel. Date: 02/16/2024
UPC: 6417138697257

Rebirth: Greatest Hits
Artist: Old Gods of Asgard
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Double vinyl LP pressing. The Old Gods of Asgard, also known as Poets of the Fall, are once again part of the gaming world! The upcoming album, Rebirth: Greatest Hits, includes four previously digitally released tracks and four brand new songs, three of which are featured in Remedy's game Alan Wake 2. Remedy Entertainment is one of Finland's most successful gaming companies, and the upcoming game is one of Finland's all-time biggest entertainment productions. Marko, Olli, and Captain from the band Poets of the Fall are appearing for the first time in Alan Wake 2 as characters from the Old Gods of Asgard band. So, the Old Gods of Asgard band is a collaborative creation of Sami Järvi from Remedy and Poets of the Fall. The band has it's own story, history, and mythology within the universe of Remedy's games. The lyrics of the songs are closely related to the game's plot and provide hints to players. The band was last heard in Remedy's Control game in 2019, with the unique "Take Control" song being the first interactive rock song that changes with the game situation during a long battle scene. The entire collaboration with Remedy began in 2003 with the game Max Payne 2, which featured the band's first song, the hit "Late Goodbye." It won the "Grammy of the gaming world," the G.A.N.G. Award for the best pop song in a video game. It was a great start for both the band's career and their collaboration with Remedy.