Format: DVD
Label: Sinister Cinema
Rel. Date: 11/01/2022
UPC: 643462986743

Snake Girl And The Silver-Haired Witch (aka Hebi Musume To Hakuhatsuma)
Artist: Snake Girl & the Silver-Haired Witch
Format: DVD

More Info:

A girl comes home from an orphanage to live with her parents. Also living in the house are a nanny and older sister, both of whom dislike her. Soon the house is filled with supernatural terror as the jealous older sister (who can change into a snake-like creature!) stops at nothing to kill her younger sibling, all the while aided by a silver-haired hag. There are tense moments of terror in this modern-day-setting Japanese horror film. Several dream sequences are filled to the brim with eye-popping abominations. The film's climax takes place high up on a scaffolding where the young girl hangs by a slim grip, her bloody hands being battered by her would-be killer.