Format: DVD
Label: Sinister Cinema
Rel. Date: 01/10/2023
UPC: 643462986781

THE LAUGHING WOMAN (aka Femina Ridens)
Artist: Laughing Woman (Aka Femina Ridens)
Format: DVD

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This has become kind of a cult classic over the years. Leroy, who was wonderfully delightful in the Seven Golden Men films, plays, with much conviction, a sadistic millionaire with a penchant for degrading women. It's all part of his elaborate S&M fantasies, in which he abducts beautiful young women. In this case it's a female journalist. Slowly but surely, though, it becomes obvious she has something far more sinister in mind. The perverted on-screen chemistry between Leroy and Lassander is undeniable with many unpleasantly enticing moments. Definitely rated R. From a great color 35mm print.