Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 01/10/2023
UPC: 643462987016

Man In My Head (Featuring Freedom 2000) / (Mod)
Artist: Man in My Head (Featuring Freedom 2000)
Format: DVD

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A squad of futuristic soldiers wakes up, somehow knowing they need to break into an enemy base. Their mission is so secret that they have been hypnotically programmed with their instructions and will only recall each step of their undertaking when they hear a pre-arranged cue. Although their plans seem infallible, gradually paranoia begins to overtake them. This short, well-made Brit TV feature keeps you guessing. PLUS: FREEDOM 2000 (1974) Richard Carlson, Ross Martin, Janet Waldo, Vic Perrin. The Earth lays barren to a visiting alien spaceship. They go over it's past in great detail. This color animated sci-fi educational short (21 min.) features a great cast! Carlson's last film. Color, 16mm.