Some Lapse of Time - Some Lapse Of Time / (Mod Mono)


Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 03/05/2024
UPC: 643462988341

Some Lapse Of Time / (Mod Mono)
Artist: Some Lapse of Time
Format: DVD

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This made-for-TV Brit sci-fi film is absolutely riveting. A strange tramp collapses near the home of a doctor, who himself has been suffering from bad dreams. In his nightmares he repeatedly sees someone resembling the tramp. The tramp is admitted to the hospital, clutching a small, decaying finger bone. He also appears to have survived some strange radioactive disease and speaks in a remarkably twisted form of English. Later, the doctor suffers from a freak accident that causes him to lose part of his finger, which cannot be found when the ground is searched. His lost finger matches the type of bone held by the tramp. What is the bizarre connection? This is an amazing film that builds in suspense from start to finish, ending in a sea of madness and shocking scientific realization.