Format: Blu-Ray
Label: Gemini Entertainment
Rel. Date: 01/10/2024
UPC: 655498638800

Totally Vegetarian: The Essential Collection (Volume I)
Artist: Totally Vegetarian: Essential Coll (Volume I)
Format: Blu-Ray

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Each day brings new discoveries about the many benefits - both healthful and environmental - that come with a plant-based diet. Yet for many, the art of easily prepared vegetarian food has remained a mystery, as has the secret to creating meals as delicious and nourishing as the dishes they're accustomed to. But Totally Vegetarian pulls back the curtain to reveal a world of healthy, simple, and sumptuous recipes. First shown on public television, this special two-disc edition contains thirteen episodes of the original Totally Vegetarian series, showcasing a diverse set of recipes that range from eggplant caviar to reimaginings of classic Grecian meals. Hosted by cookbook author Toni Fiore, this amazing series will demystify the art of meat-free cooking and equip you with all the knowledge you need to enjoy the vegetarian lifestyle.