Format: Vinyl
Label: Jagjaguwar
Rel. Date: 10/27/2023
UPC: 656605244235

Water Made Us [Arctic Swirl LP]
Artist: Jamila Woods
Format: Vinyl


1. Bugs
2. Tiny Garden
3. Practice
4. Let the Cards Fall
5. Send a Dove
6. Wreckage Room
7. Thermostat
8. Out of the Doldrums
9. Wolfsheep
10. I Miss All My Exes
11. Backburner
12. Libra Intuition
13. Boomerang
14. Still
15. The Best Thing
16. Good News
17. Headfirst

More Info:

On her expansive new album Water Made Us, Chicago musician and poet Jamila Woods shines anew as she asks the question, what does it mean to fully surrender into love? Across Water Made Us, Jamila embraces new genres, playful melodies, and hypnotizing wordplay, as she wades through the exhilarating tumult of love’s wreckage and refuge.