Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 07/21/2023
UPC: 656605244938

Cut Worms [Seaglass Wave LP]
Artist: Cut Worms
Format: Vinyl


1. Don't Fade Out
2. Take it and Smile
3. Ballad of the Texas King
4. I'll Never Make It
5. Is it Magic?
6. Let's Go Out On The Town
7. Living Inside
8. Use Your Love! (Right Now)
9. Too Bad

More Info:

As Cut Worms, songwriter Max Clarke's contemporary vision of American heritage rock-n-roll is both pristine and askew. He's been called a modern Buddy Holly and Everly Brothers while also being tagged as "Lynchian." Since 2016, this vision has made Cut Worms fans of Nick Lowe, Norah Jones, Wilco and other notable powerhouse artists. And on his self-titled third album, we find Clarke refining his craft down to it's most crucial elements. Produced and performed almost entirely by Clarke, it's both a return to Cut Worms home-recorded debut EP 'Alien Sunset' and imbued with all the hi-fi lessons learned during the Memphis sessions of his epic, 2020 2xLP 'Nobody Lives Hear Anymore.' Declarations of love, vitriol for our crazy-making culture wars, a love letter to the late Bobby Fuller - all with a reverb spring, brass swing and pureness of heart that seem to reject our post-modern hall of LED mirrors. It's all executed so very well it almost feels otherworldly. Clarke's voice is truly singular in the year 2023 - disarming and timeless.