Mamaleek - Vida Blue


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 08/09/2024
UPC: 657628444411

Vida Blue
Artist: Mamaleek
Format: Vinyl


1. Track 1
2. Tegucigalpa
3. Track 3
4. Vileness Slim
5. Track 5
6. Vida Blue
7. Track 7
8. Ancient Souls, No Longer Sorrowful
9. Track 9
10. Momentary Laughter Concealed from My Eyes
11. Track 11
12. Black Pudding Served at the Horn of the Altar
13. Track 13
14. Hatful of Rain
15. Track 15
16. Legion of Bottom Deck Dealers
17. Track 17
18. Hidden Exit on a Greyhound

More Info:

Time is a slippery fish. Loss has inspired Mamaleek's latest full-length album, titled Vida Blue. This marks the San Francisco Bay Area metal deconstructionists' eighth album and their third as a full lineup.Tragedy struck in March of 2023 when the band lost a longtime friend and member, keyboardist Eric Livingston, leaving the group, which began as a duo of two brothers and later expanded to a five-piece, now with only four members. Despite this profound loss, Mamaleek persevered, performing as a quartet at various festivals, including the 2023 edition of Tilburg.The band returned to the studio to create new material that appropriately reflects their journey through loss and honors their fallen comrade. The resulting album draws inspiration from the legacy of Oakland A's baseball legend Vida Blue, whose former team coincidentally announced it's relocation to Las Vegas that same year. The band members themselves describe this poignant chapter in their own words:"Time is a slippery fish. Maybe only someone like Vida could grasp it. Although he's left time behind, his image and that lefty heat remain in the memories of many. Eventually they'll be forgotten, and hopefully replaced with even more exultant ones. This musical recording is a reflection on loss and it's acceptance. We explore several examples for each song, including the loss of pride, of money, of glory, of country, of sanity, of a favorite sports team, of significant others, and, every day, one's self. It also explores various associated moods-fear, panic, reverence, stoicism, and steadfastness-to arrive at a resolution: Loss is only a test, the glue that holds and erodes each memory, the connection that binds and loosens us all, pitch by pitch, inning by inning. This is your celebration."Vida Blue is a person, moment, and memory, together the crystallization of apocalypse: "unveiling," "disclosure."