Format: CD
Rel. Date: 03/25/2022
UPC: 6583818661402

Bones Of The Aggressor
Artist: Battle Axis
Format: CD


1. Bones of the Aggressor
2. Black Harvest Moon
3. Night's Dark Agents
4. Trading Evils
5. Across the River
6. Scorch the Skies
7. The Titan's Gambit (The Quest)
8. Hall of the King of the Dead
9. Captured
10. That Which Shakes the Earth

More Info:

This band combines a power metal fundament with atmospheric melodies, doomy heaviness, tinges of heavy thrash, and rounds it off with soulful, smoky vocals. BATTLE AXIS have a wide array of inspirations and transform these into an undeniably epic wall of sound blessed with a strong melancholic mood. Bones Of The Aggressor is the perfect album for all fans of true metal!