Madeline Hawthorne - Tales From Late Nights & Long Drives (Blk)


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/14/2024
UPC: 659675189680

Tales From Late Nights & Long Drives (Blk)
Artist: Madeline Hawthorne
Format: Vinyl


1. Cold Shoulder
2. Night Ride
3. Typical Love
4. Chasing the Moon
5. So It Goes
6. Ennis
7. Pittsburgh
8. Where Did I Go Wrong
9. Neon Wasteland
10. Missing You
11. Long Drive to Bozeman

More Info:

The miles we travel make up the stories we tell. The soles of your favorite boots or the tread on your prized car's tires soak up the experiences and wisdom of the road under your feet. Born in New England, based in Bozeman Montana, and tried, tested, and proven on the stage across the continent, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Madeline Hawthorne pens the kind of tunes you listen to on a cross-country trek to start anew or in the dead of night when you just need a reminder somebody's listening. In this respect, her 2024 independent album, Tales From Late Nights & Long Drives, serves as a fitting soundtrack to life's trip. "To me, it's the perfect road trip record," she affirms. "It was mostly written while I was on tour. If the songs were written at home in Montana, I took inspiration from journal entries and memories of my travels. This is me stepping onto the stage with more miles under my boots. I'm giving into the moment and the melody to tell a story. It's like eleven different versions of me-a woman I could have been, a woman I perhaps thought I was, and a woman I hope to be someday.