Wussy - Strawberry


Format: CD
Label: SKIR
Rel. Date: 12/13/2011
UPC: 659696248427

Artist: Wussy
Format: CD


1. Asteroids
2. Pulverized
3. Waiting Room
4. Chicken
5. Magnolia
6. Grand Champion Steer
7. Pizza King
8. Mountain of Tires
9. Fly Fly Fly
10. Little Miami
11. Wrist Rocket

More Info:

Chuck Cleaver (formerly of Cincinnati's Ass Ponys) and Lisa Walker began playing together in 2001 as a result of Cleaver's stage fright when asked to perform a brief run of solo shows. The duo's ­rst performance was largely unplanned, and yet went without incident... so they agreed to continue and expand. Mark Messerly came on board in 2002 as bassist and utility man, with Dawn Burman joining on drums shortly thereafter. Joe Klug was added as drummer and multi-instrumentalist after Burman's departure in early 2009. The four-piece has released several albums and EP's on their native Cincinnati's Shake It label.