Format: Blu-Ray
Rel. Date: 12/19/2023
UPC: 663390004616

Men Behind The Sun 3: A Narrow Escape / (Sub)
Artist: Men Behind the Sun 3: A Narrow Escape
Format: Blu-Ray

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A NARROW ESCAPE details the final days of Unit 731, Japan's most notorious military prison during WWII, and a bastion of inhuman biological research. At the end of the war, the unit's commander plots it's destruction so as not to release the camp's disturbing secrets to the public. However, a Japanese general is wounded and infected by plague bacteria inside the unit's laboratory. The general then boards the very last train away from the camp, spreading the horrifying virus to the other, unsuspecting travellers. Massacre Video proudly presents A NARROW ESCAPE, the third and final film in the MEN BEHIND THE SUN trilogy, once again by director Godfrey Ho. This newly restored, uncut version is sourced from the Original Camera Negative.