Das Kombrutalle Duell - Das Kombrutalle Duell / (Anam Sub Ws)


Format: Blu-Ray
Rel. Date: 06/11/2024
UPC: 663390004661

Das Kombrutalle Duell / (Anam Sub Ws)
Artist: Das Kombrutalle Duell
Format: Blu-Ray

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Das Kombrutalle Duell is the film that pioneered the "party splatter" genre. In 1985, a tragic car accident caused by a drunken John Eisentempler results in the death of an innocent man. The victim's son, Stefan Bandera, deeply affected by his father's violent demise and it's impact on his family, vows to exact revenge. Believing anyone associated with the Eisentempler family shares responsibility for his father's murder, Stefan embarks on a path of bloody retribution. Known for it's extreme violence and gore, and having been banned in Germany, this ground breaking movie is now available on Blu-ray, completely uncut and uncensored. This release showcases the film's raw intensity and relentless brutality, offering viewers an unparalleled experience of the first-ever "party splatter" film in all it's gory glory.