Dale North  (Colv) (Cvnl) (Ltd) (Org) (Spla) - Dreamscaper - O.S.T. [Colored Vinyl] [Clear Vinyl] [Limited Edition] (Org)


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 02/16/2024
UPC: 663992251241

Dreamscaper - O.S.T. [Colored Vinyl] [Clear Vinyl] [Limited Edition] (Org)
Artist: Dale North (Colv) (Cvnl) (Ltd) (Org) (Spla)
Format: Vinyl


1. Dreamscaper
2. A Past Life
3. Tentative Adventure
4. The Departure (Exploration)
5. The Departure (Combat)
6. Cascades of Wonder
7. Fear II
8. A Fresh Start
9. Waking (Exploration)
10. The Renewal (Exploration)
11. The Renewal (Combat)
12. Above the Clouds
13. Isolation II
14. The Remembrance (Exploration)
15. The Remembrance (Combat)
16. Hidden Memories
17. Regret II
18. The Descent (Exploration)
19. The Descent (Combat)
20. Resentment II
21. Spiraling
22. The Fracturing (Exploration)
23. The Fracturing (Combat)
24. Above the Clouds (Nightmare)
25. Negativity
26. The Return (Exploration)
27. The Return (Combat)
28. Cascades of Wonder (Nightmare)
29. Loss II
30. Closure

More Info:

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. Is proud to present - in association with Scarlet Moon Records - Dale North's Dreamscaper (Original Game Soundtrack), now available on vinyl! An indie hit that blew critics & players away upon release, Dreamscaper is a roguelite action adventure game that sees the protagonist tackling emotional trauma experienced in the real world by battling their own subconscious at night in the titular dreamscape. Dale North creates an ethereal soundtrack to help drive the gameplay, offering dreamy melodies, haunting sonic landscapes and epic orchestral battle themes, all weaved together with a touch of melancholy and a rapturous exuberance that will be sure to captivate and enchant listeners. Now available as a 2LP release on limited edition colour vinyl, fans of VGM should absolutely not miss out on this utter gem!