Format: CD
Label: Wounded Bird Records
Catalog: 1888
Rel. Date: 07/01/2022
UPC: 664140188822

Artist: Brownsville Station
Format: CD


1. Be-Bop Confidential
2. Guitar Train
3. Rockin' Robin
4. Blue Eyed Girl
5. City Life
6. Do the Bosco
7. Roadrunner
8. Hello, Mary Lou
9. Cadillac Express
10. My Boy Flat Top
11. Rumble

More Info:

Brownsville Station were a rock trio out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, lead by Cub Koda. They issued numerous albums in the 1970's. They are probably best known for their radio classic, 'Smokin' in the Boys Room'. No BS was originally issued in 1970 and is making it's worldwide CD debut on Wounded Bird. 2005.