Transport League - We Are Satans People


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 10/04/2024
UPC: 6663666001831

We Are Satans People
Artist: Transport League
Format: CD


1. Possessed
2. Unkill Crash
3. Hollowed Victory
4. Primate Apeshit
5. Bodies Recede
6. Cosmo Death
7. Grind You Down
8. Danger of Death
9. Wreck
10. Vicious Claim
11. Dog Tags

More Info:

Swedish groove metal legends Transport League are storming back into the spotlight with their explosive new album, "We Are Satan's People." After a three-year hiatus, their 11th studio masterpiece is set to shatter expectations and reinforce their influence on the metal scene. Released under the mighty Black Lodge Records, this album promises to be a pivotal moment in their illustrious career. Since forming in 1994, Transport League has been a pioneering force, carving paths for bands like Volbeat, Mustasch, and Corroded. With "We Are Satan's People," they delve deep into their roots, unleashing a sound that's both nostalgic and fiercely modern. Expect a blend of unrelenting groove, crushing heaviness, and hooks that grab you by the throat, all while channeling the raw energy of '90s metal. The album's sonic landscape is sculpted at Grand Recordings & Danhage Studios, featuring the ingenious touch of producers and engineers such as Henrik Danhage (Evergrey), Risza (noted Psycore producer), and Dan Johansson (Mary Beats Jane). The mixing prowess of Svein Jensen at Grand Recordings in Gothenburg, Sweden, ensures each track delivers a knockout punch. "We Are Satan's People" is a must-have for fans of Pantera, Clutch, Rob Zombie, Prong, as well as Rammstein and Volbeat. Prepare for a metal odyssey that promises to be as electrifying as it is profound. Don't miss out on this relentless groove metal journey. Grab your copy and let Transport League show you why they remain titans of the genre!