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Format: Vinyl
Label: CDEA
Rel. Date: 04/09/2021
UPC: 672299520714

Komfort Food
Artist: Elaquent / Boombaptist / Juicy The Emissary
Format: Vinyl


1. Boombaptist-Comfort Food
2. Elaquent-The Official
3. Juicy the Emissary-Yumy/Muny
4. Boombaptist-Toucan Wing
5. Elaquent-Dilla-Quent
6. Juicy the Emissary-Stakes Is High
7. Elaquent-The Look
8. Boombaptist-McNasty in Brazil
9. Elaquent-Gobstopper
10. Juicy the Emissary-Far 2 Go/The Light

More Info:

Elaquent (Mello Music Group), Juicy the Emissary (Street Corner Music), & BoomBaptist (Insect Records, The Vapor Caves) have joined for this "ode to the original". Mutually inspired by the work of J-Dilla, "Komfort Food" is a re-imagining of samples that the late Jay Dee masterfully crafted, produced in the styles of these three contemporaries.   Pressed on a glazed donut, two-tone record, this album is packaged in what resembles a very familiar box of baked goods. What is inside? "Komfort Food." A sure-shot for fans of Dilla & DJ's alike, you'll find that "Komfort Food" takes on a classy nod to his legacy, and also serves as a gem in the crates. Featuring gapless playback from beginning to end, "Komfort Food" is meant to be enjoyed in one sitting. Bon appétit!  LTD to 300 pieces worldwide