Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 07/28/2023
UPC: 672975027315

Blue Blade Piranha
Artist: Zackey Force Funk & Xl Middleton
Format: Vinyl


1. Commando
2. Jam Likely
3. Girls and Gangsters
4. Ego Check
5. Glide Through Galaxy (Beat Knock Remix)
6. Rude Sensation
7. Tie Me Up
8. Don't Be Late
9. Cocaine Cream

More Info:

It's the album that modern funk heads have been waiting for - a Zackey Force Funk project produced entirely by XL Middleton. With no guest features or producers, Blue Blade Piranha showcases the chemistry of one of the west coast's dynamic duos of funk. XL's synth-driven soundscapes pull heavily from 80's boogie & 90's g-funk, with occasional sprinklings of house & minimal wave. They provide the perfect backdrop for Zackey's breezy, yet hallucinatory ruminations on the intoxicating highs and grievous lows of street life.