Xl Middleton - Tap Water Ii


Format: Cassette
Rel. Date: 07/26/2024
UPC: 672975027391

Tap Water Ii
Artist: Xl Middleton
Format: Cassette


1. All Dogs
2. Where You Get Your Funk From?
3. Something in the Water (Feat. Moniquea)
4. Catch You Off Guard
5. You Don't Have to Leave
6. I Can't Believe It
7. Right Fit
8. All My Days Are Better (With You)
9. Your Love Is Leading Me 1
10. Like We Used to Do (Feat. I, Ced ; Moniquea)

More Info:

Nearly a decade after the first "Tap Water," XL Middleton delivers the sequel to what many consider a true classic of the modern funk genre. Weaving between singing, rapping, and the robotic refrains of vocoder, XL's vocals glide over his synth-drenched production, which manages to be simultaneously polished yet grimy. It's a perfect meeting ground for those steeped in the raw, underground approach to hip hop production and the cleaner, more organized ethos of dance music. Whether your jam is 80's boogie, 90's g-funk, or R&B-flavored dance music of any generation, "Tap Water II" is sure to keep your glass full.