DEAD WRONG - Dead Wrong / (Ac3 Sub Ws)


Format: Blu-Ray
Label: Deadly Instinct
Rel. Date: 05/21/2024
UPC: 683904636256

Dead Wrong / (Ac3 Sub Ws)
Format: Blu-Ray

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Dead Wrong

Starring: Derek Smith, Katrina Bowden, Rob Schneider, Cress Williams, Joshua Bitton, Chet Hanks

Director: Rick Bieber

Narcissistic husband, Billy (Derek Smith), is married to his high school sweetheart (Katrina Bowden) and filled with blind jealousy over the life and wealth of his lifelong best friend, the local mob boss (Chet Hanks). Never happy with his life, he devises a psychotic, get-rich-quick scheme with a gambling and alcohol -addicted lawyer (Rob Schneider), who is deeply in debt to his Brooklyn-born bookmaker (Joshua Bitton). Billy's plan ignites an emotional and deadly chain reaction that devastates the life of everyone around him, including the insurance investigator assigned to his case (Cress Williams).

  • Extra Features: Includes Dead Wrong: Director's Cut