Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/04/2021
UPC: 686162827831

Hoop Discus 01
Artist: Jordan Chini / Moon B
Format: Vinyl


1. Jordan Chini - Serpent City
2. Robert Æolus Myers - Sadhana Envirornment (Moon B Cold Dusk Mix)

More Info:

On the heels of the acclaimed Moon B "Udaya" LP, the LA-based Hoop Sounds imprint returns with a split 12" featuring Jordan Chini (aka Boy Dude) and a remix of the late Robert ÆOLUS Myers as interpreted by Wes Grey (Moon B). The A-Side (Jordan's Serpent City) is steeped in fantasy, new age and cinematic soundscapes, creeping and wriggling it's way through a tropical euphoria; the track evokes a birds-eye-view through an ancient civilization, blanketed by the cool and calm slithering of vipers weaving through rugged and twisted architecture. Analog synths pulse and pump, warm sub-basslines reverberate and echo, while flute and saxophone leads unleash adrenaline and accelerate the heart rate. The B-Side (Moon B's Sadhana Environment Cold Dusk Mix) finds Moon B meddling in 70s Hawaiian new age drip. His mix revisions key elements of the original while layering in signature elements of funk, dub, and leftfield electro to create a sublime yet enormous dance mix. Both tracks are a full body experience meant to be experienced LOUD.