Format: Vinyl
Label: CQQL
Rel. Date: 09/17/2021
UPC: 687700206750

What's On Your Mind
Artist: Mobley, Morris
Format: Vinyl


1. What's on Your Mind
2. What's on Your Mind (Late Night Dub)

More Info:

Nostalgic, suave, cosmopolitan, lustrous and precise, Morris Mobley is an alter-ego engineered to chill vibes, and simultaneously blow minds. Transport into the neo-noir, a timeless environment of dimly-lit nightclubs, smoky spaces, and hazy visions, where razor sharp vocals dance in tandem with a warm jazz-funk guitar, backed by the analog crispness of icy 808 hits and luxurious synth pads. "What 's On Your Mind" is a single shrouded by sentimental memories, influenced by hard choices and rooted in sophisticated R&B: Side A for the questions, Side B for the answers.