Format: DVD
Label: Stott Pilates
Rel. Date: 10/22/2021
UPC: 690650831330

STOTT PILATES Matwork For Golf & Rotational Power Series
Artist: Stott Pilates Matwork for Golf & Rotational Power
Format: DVD

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STOTT PILATESr Matwork for Golf & Rotational Power Series

Unleash your rotational power! Though the theme is golf, the workouts are inclusive to all rotational sports. If you don't have a club, grab a racket, hockey stick or a broom! This workout incorporates weighted Toning Balls in a routine designed to increase your rotational power, build resiliency and prevent injury.



REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Exercise Mat, Maple Pole, Toning Balls (pair)

DVD Contents: 73 exercises, Workout time 180 min, 76 min DVD Length: 180 min, Closed Captioning

EXERCISES: Dynamic Warm Up: Breathing, Full Scapula, Shoulder, Upper Mid-Back Mobilization, Spinal Flexion, Spinal Extension, Arms to Ceiling, Squats, Dynamic, Ankle Mobility, Torso Rotation, Hinged Rotation, Protraction & Retraction, Elevation & Depression, Side Flexion, Latissimus Dorsi Release, Wrist Mobility, Wrist Strength, Forearm Stretch, Deltoid Release, Pec & Shoulder Release, Scapular Reciprocal Protraction & Retraction, Dynamic Lunge Stretch into Rotation, Forward Lunge & Rotation, Cross Back Lunge, Side Lunge & Rotation, Hip Rotation, Pelvis & Hip Rotation, Weighted Rotation with Weight Shift, Hip & Hamstring Stretch, Dynamic Swing StandingExercises: Neck Release, Ab Prep, Shoulder & Upper Mid-Back Mobilization, Half Roll Back, Hinge Back, Rotation & Chest Release, Arm Raises, Single Leg Hip Mobilizer, Obliques, Shoulder Bridge, Spine & Ankle Mobilizer, Modified Shell Stretch, Modified Saw Stretch, Leg Pull Front - Plank, Balance & Leg Swings, Standing Ankle & Balance Work with Quick JumpsSTOTT PILATESr Matwork for Golf & Rotational Power with WeightsDynamic Warm Up: , Breathing, Feet & Ankles, Neck Release, Scapula & Shoulder Mobility, Swinging Arms, Spinal Flexion & Extension, Mobilize Spine & Shoulder Girdle, Side Flexion, Mobilize Spine & Shoulder Girdle, Squats, One Leg Squat &, Hamstring Stretch, Unilateral Scapula, Mobility & Stability, Latissimus Dorsi Stretch, Forward Lunge, Side Lunges, Rotation, Wrist Strength & Mobility, Pec & Chest, Balance & Mobility, Lower Body, Hip Release & Balance, Flexion & Extension, Hip Release & Balance, Abduction & AdductionExercises, Wrist Extension, Wrist Flexion, Torso StabilityMobility & Stability, Torso & Upper Body, Torso Rotation, Upper Torso Mobility, Lower Body Mobility, Shoulder Bridge, Release, Leg Pull Front Prep, Single Arm, Wind Up, Wind Up & Throw, Lead Arm & ReleaseBonus features: Includes 2 Workouts - Matwork for Golf & Rotational Power and, Matwork for Golf & Rotational Power with Weights, Biomechanical Principles, MerrithewT equipment & accessories overview, Find out about instructor training


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