Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 01/24/2022
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Stott Pilates Stability Barrel Flow Series
Artist: Stott Pilates Stability Barrel Flow Series
Format: DVD

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STOTT PILATESr Stability BarrelT Flow Series

Increase your mobility and unlock your hidden power! The gentle curved surface of the Stability BarrelT facilitates increased body awareness through multi-dimensional movement, hydrating your fascial system. The opposing side, with its flat surface allows you to explore balance, and control, all essential to improving your body's overall potential.



REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Exercise Mat, Mini Stability Barrel Lite with Mini Mat, Stability Barrel Lite with Mat

DVD Contents: 58 Exercises, Workout Time: 31 / 53 / 37 min, DVD Length: 205 min, Closed captioning

Exercises:STOTT PILATESr Mini Stability BarrelT Flow for Breathing & RelaxationBreathing, Breathing Awareness, Exploring 3-Dimensional Breathing, Pelvic & Hip Mobility into Rotation, Side Bend Breathing & Rotation, Breathing & Inverted Lower Body Mobility, Breathing & Muscular, Recruitment, Breathing, Dynamic Pelvic & Torso Stability & Hip Mobility, Hip, Knee Ankle & Foot Mobility, Shell to Swan, Mobilize &, Massage Feet & Ankles, Squat, Finish Pressing Down, Reach Both Arms, Flex ForwardSTOTT PILATESr Mini Stability BarrelT Flow for Breathing & RelaxationBreathing, Side Bend with Pulse, Side Bend with Mermaid, Port Des Bras, Supine Rotation, Spinal Rotation, Squat Pulses, Pelvic Rotation, Ab Prep, Shell Stretch into Swan Dive, Hundred, Roll Up with Extension, Leg Circles, Plank Series, Roll Over from Extension, Balanced Soleus, Run, Inverted Plank Series, Standing Rotation Series, Stretch, Mermaid StretchSTOTT PILATESr Stability BarrelT Flow Full Body ChallengeCat Stretch, Scapula Isolation into Side Bend, Breast Stroke, Spinal, Rotation, Ab Prep, Obliques Prep, Single Leg Stretch, Scissors, Windmill, Roll Up with Leg Scissors, Hip Lift Series, Side Bend Series, Hip Rolls Series, Hamstring Stretch, Plank Extension to Knee Lift, Shell Stretch into Swan Dive, Roll Over into Extension, Side Bend Twist, Shoulder Shimmy, Squat Balance, Roll Down, Seated StretchBonus features: , Biomechanical Principles, Includes 3 workouts, MerrithewT equipment & accessories overview, Find out about instructor training


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