Bela Fleck and Chick Corea - Remembrance [CD]


Format: CD
Label: Bela Fleck Productions
Rel. Date: 05/10/2024
UPC: 691835883731

Remembrance [CD]
Artist: Bela Fleck and Chick Corea
Format: CD


1. The Otter Creek Incident
2. impromptu III: march hare
3. Enut Nital
4. impromptu II: mock turtle
5. Bemsha Swing
6. Lucky Bounce
7. impromptu I: cheshire
8. Remembrance
9. Juno
10. Scarlatti Sonatas
11. impromptu V: jabberwocky
12. Small Potatoes
13. Continuance
14. impromptu IV: gentleman fish

More Info:

Remembrance, a new double album out May 10, serves as a moving final document of the profound creative and personal rapport that banjoist Béla Fleck and pianist Chick Corea first showcased at album length with 2007’s Latin Grammy-winning The Enchantment. It’s also a crucial addendum to Corea’s legacy, featuring three previously unreleased Corea compositions as well as five short free improvisations, or impromptus, that Fleck has infused with written music.  “We pushed this duo to a new place before we ran out of time,” says Fleck, who produced Remembrance. “We have here another cool look at Chick Corea, at the different ways that he can play that we wouldn’t have had. There’s a lot of great Chick Corea out there, and this is different.”