Format: CD
Label: Black Powder Soul Records
Rel. Date: 02/02/2024
UPC: 691835890036

Mellow War
Artist: Taylor McCall
Format: CD


1. Sinking Sand
2. Mellow War
3. Rest on Easy
4. Tide of Love
5. Rolling Stoned Again
6. Whiskey Costs Less
7. Star of the Morning
8. Angel Falling Down
9. Hard to Love You
10. I Want You Still
11. Born Again
12. You to Blame

More Info:

Mellow War is Taylor McCall’s 2nd studio album and first production project. This album was co-produced by Taylor McCall and Sean McConnell. This album features Taylor’s late grandfather during his days in Vietnam on the cover as well as the intro track, “Sinking Sand”, from his days as a pastor. His mother also is singing in the choir. Mellow War explores the balance of good and evil, destruction and healing and the importance of having faith in the darkest of times.