Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 12/30/2022
UPC: 697560815573

Bolo Yeung Barbarian Bicepz
Artist: Da Buze Bruvaz X Lord Beatjitzu
Format: Vinyl


1. The Horsemen Cometh
2. Shrimp Fried Azz Whippinz
3. Boardz Don't Hit Back
4. Chinese Herculez
5. Cherry Chan
6. Japanese Crab Fist

More Info:

Vinyl LP pressing. Da Buze Bruvaz and Lord Beatjitzu come together for a truly hard hitting, no holds barred, HipHop grudge match with the tough as nails BoLO Yeung Barbarian Bicepz EP. The long-time collaborators, known for dropping at a prolific pace individually, found time to combine and give their prospective audiences a true gift. Expect nothing but explosive neck-snapping beats and hard-body drunken rhyming. This is truly a companion piece for the Lord Beatjitzu produced Bruce LI in Japan LP. Here we find Da Buze Bruvaz Him LO and Clever One, deconstructing a few of those tracks while also bringing heat to some exclusive gems from the vaults of the reclusive production wizard. You may want to take a few steps back before entering drunken dragon styles presented on this one. Bruce LI meets Da Buze Bruvaz and every track contained within qualifies as a lethal weapon! Protect your Necks, Arms, Heads and Chests!