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Format: CD
Label: IWRR
Rel. Date: 02/05/2021
UPC: 703123640169

Lies' Device (New Version 2021)
Artist: Kalidia
Format: CD


1. The Lost Mariner
2. Hiding from the Sun
3. Dollhouse (Labyrinth of Thoughts)
4. Reign of Kalidia
5. Harbinger of Serenity
6. Black Magic
7. Shadow Will Be Gone
8. Lies' Device
9. Winged Lords
10. In Black and White

More Info:

Re-recorded version of the Kalidia debut album "Lies' Device", originally released independently in 2014.The original version of "Lies' Device" has been sold out since the release of the second Kalidia album "The Frozen Throne" (Inner Wound) in 2018, an album that brought the band to another level. Since the release of "The Frozen Throne", it passed 2 million streams on Spotify and 5 million views on YouTube.The album was mixed and mastered by Paolo Campitelli and the new artwork was created by Jan Yrlund (Battle Beast, Apocalyptica, Delain).