Format: CD
Rel. Date: 08/05/2022
UPC: 703513016222

Sea Says
Artist: Vaselyne
Format: CD


1. To the Fire
2. Here to Begin
3. Under Your Skin
4. Waiting to Exhale
5. Shame
6. I Surrender
7. One Day All This Could Be Yours (Oceansize Cover)
8. Pair of Three
9. Forever After
10. Love Failed to Save Me
11. Down (Featuring Dr. Strangefryer)
12. Blood in the Water
13. Ortuo

More Info:

A great record takes you on a journey with mountains to climb, oceans to navigate and a depth of emotions to explore. Vaselyne's true magic becomes especially apparent in this format. It really allows them to fully display their musical prowess and ability to take their audience on an almost spiritual quest. "The Sea Says" tells stories of loss, burned bridges, and new beginnings.