Format: Vinyl
Label: HHC
Rel. Date: 07/07/2023
UPC: 706091203688

G.A.M.E. [RSD Essential Indie Colorway White LP]
Artist: The Game
Format: Vinyl


1. Anything You Ask For
2. Never Personal
3. Gettin' American Money Easy
4. Curtains
5. Real Niggas Stand Up
6. Walk Wit Me
7. It Get's Thicker
8. That's Presidents
9. It's The Game
10. Nothin' Personal
11. Get Live
12. It Is What It Is

More Info:

Indie Exclusive * First time on vinyl * The Game's follow-up to the Dr. Dre produced, The Documentary was 2006ís G.A.M.E. He preaches the hardcore gospel with as much fervor as its predecessor, serving up narratives of street hustling hardships as gritty and lean as any of his contemporaries. The sound is still steeped in Dre's trademark languid, hazy G-funk grooves, as the opener "Anything You Ask For" proves. A successor to Compton's rap heritage, yet fresh and contemporary enough to make his own mark, the Game is the voice of the next generation of West Coast hardcore. Originally released on Get Low Recordz and has guest features with JT the Bigga Figga, Bootleg & Shoestring.