Bokassa - All Out Of Dreams


Format: Vinyl
Label: Indie Recordings
Rel. Date: 03/15/2024
UPC: 7072805009321

All Out Of Dreams
Artist: Bokassa
Format: Vinyl


1. The Ending Starts Today
2. Garden of Heathen (Feat. Lou Koller
3. Straight Edgelord
4. All Out of Dreams
5. Bradford Death Squadron (Feat. Aaro
6. Let's Storm the Capitol
7. Everyone Fails in the End
8. Gung Ho
9. No More Good Days
10. Crush (All Heretics)

More Info:

Over ten songs and 30 minutes, Bokassa is as diverse as ever on their new full length "All Out of Dreams". The power trio offers everything from riffy stoner metal in "Bradford Death Squadron", almost progressive skatepunk in "No More Good Days", 45 seconds of metallic hardcore in "Everyone Fails In The End" to laid-back Izzy Stradlin bottle neck-riffing on the desert rocker "Gung Ho". Not to mention the hooky and anthemic title track. In other words, the band has not become less fond of mixing genres over the years! In an age where everything sounds the same, it has also always been important to Bokassa that each record is sonically different from the previous one. Therefore, they have been very conscious of how this record should sound. Where, for example, the debut "Divide & Conquer" had a noisy soundscape and 2021's "Molotov Rocktail" had a more playful and bigger rock sound, "All Out Of Dreams" has a slightly more raw metallic sound. This can clearly be seen in the conscious choice to go for a snare drum sound that brings to mind 90s metal, rock and punk ala Clutch, Helmet, Therapy? or The Vandals' "Live Fast Diarrhea", too name a few.